How To Draw A Cow Step By Step

how to draw a cow step by step


how to draw a cow step by step
how to draw a cow step by step
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Step 2: Draw the horn and

Do you want to learn how to draw cows? You may think that drawing cows maybe hard work. Maybe, if you don't know the techniques that is. There are simple techniques on how to do it that drawing cows would be as easy as ABC. Here are steps on how to do it.

How To / Instruction

Difficulty: Normal
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    First, draw the basic shapes of a cow by making an oval at the right side of the paper and a large rectangle. This will serve as the head and the body of the cow. Put a space in between these two shapes so that you can outline the neck later.

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    Inside the rectangle, draw four circles. Two circles should be at the lower right of the rectangle drawn side by side while the other two at the left. This will serve as a base for the the legs of the cow.

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    You can start drawing the forelegs and the hind legs. You don't want it to be too straight. use curves and lines for the legs.

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    Draw the outline of the cow by connecting the shapes. then sketch the cows face, snout, ears and it's tail.

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    Add details to your cow. Define the face better by adding eyes, adding curves inside the ears, and for the snout add cow's nostrils and lower lip just below the nose. For the body, add some curved horizontal lines to make it appear like ribs, add spots and ruffles. Put some underbelly to form it's mammary glands.

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    Finally, go over your outline with a pen, and erase all unnecessary lines and marks. Color if you like.

Tips and Warnings

  • Look for a flat, clean and smooth surface before you start your drawing.

  • Make sure that the ink of your pen has already dried up before you start to erase unnecessary lines.

  • You could add grass in the cows mouth and a bell around his neck to make it more realistic.