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Why spend for someone else to fix your ATV when you can do it yourself? Aside from helping you save some dollars, learning to fix an ATV gives you a heads up in terms of automotive fixing. Not only for some cost saving, learning the basic of fixing can help you get out of bad situations. There are just some important things to remember, especially some ATV basics, plus some simple tips to equip you with what you need for repair. Also, one should also learn how to diagnose the problem to figure out what needs to be fixed. Read on for some tips on taking care of your ATV.

How To / Instruction

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    Check the Battery: make sure all connections are properly connected and that there are no loose wires.

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    The battery may not be fully charged: Make sure that the battery is charged before attempting to start your four-wheeler.

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    Check the fuel and the fuel line: Make sure that the four-wheeler has gasoline. Check to see if the motor is getting fuel and that the fuel line is not broken or pinched.

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    Clean out the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner: Many times these four wheelers sit in warehouses for a long time before they arrive at your doorstep and dust builds up which may clog the carburetor.

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    Check the spark plug: a motor cannot start without a spark, take out the spark plug wire and make sure that it is clean and getting a spark.

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    Many of these come with an automatic shut off in the back: Check the back plug and make sure that it is properly connected and not off.

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    The break needs to be applied in order for the unit to start: Make sure that there is no faulty connection in the break lever and that when you are starting it the break is applied.

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    Check the Stator: This is a common problem with these, if you hear a clicking when your engine turns over it is most likely your stator.

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    If the engine does not turn on or the battery is not recharging itself after you have gotten the engine to start the it is most likely your stator.

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    If it not any of these things and your four: Wheeler is still not starting it is possible that your CDI box is not working properly. The CDI box or brain box is your four wheelers electrical ignition system. If this is not working properly then it wont start.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be very careful not to mess anything up and use high quality materials for a long lasting performance.

  • Keep your work place in order to avoid mixed up as well as accidents.

  • Be sure that you know what you are doing, if not, seek the help of an experts. This will avoid a much serious problem that might be hard to find and can be costly for you.