How to Get Desi Story in Urdu Language?

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Let us first define a Desi story and the Urdu language. A Desi or Deshi is the term used to address the people and culture of South Asia. Specifically, this will include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The Urdu language, however, is a Hindustani language used by Muslims. So, to conclude, Desi stories can be written in the Urdu language as it can be quite popular in South Asia. There are already books available in the market in Urdu and Desi stories are becoming quite popular in the internet. Here are a few tips and steps on how to get Desi stories in Urdu language:

How To / Instruction

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    The internet is a rich source of information. Type your keywords and visit the top websites for the results of "Desi stoies" and "Urdu language".

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    Find someone who can speak the language and ask if they know any Desi stories. If they don't, chances are they know someone who do.

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    Visit your local library or bookstore. Get the help of your librarian or sales clerk.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you know a particular Desi story, type it in your search engine. There are already elaborate Desi stories in Urdu language available in the World Wide Web. They are even separated by episodes.

  • Ask someone to download or copy it for you. Someone who's knowledgeable with the Urdu language and Desi stories.