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If you fancy building your own bookcase to store that growing pile of junk lying all over your house, you're in luck. It doesn't take thousands of dollars or a master carpenter to do so. If you have a habit of keeping all your valuable memorabilia since childhood, you're probably running out of precious space to store them. Building your own bookcase will save you money while giving you the satisfaction of creating something all your own. Follow these simple instructions in building your own bookcase:

How To / Instruction

Difficulty: Normal
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    Cut a ¾-inch plywood into a 12½-inch-wide strip for the sides of your bookcase.

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    Cut a ⅜-inch-wide by ½-inch-deep rabbet into one edge of the strip for the back piece.

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    To make the sub-top and bottom of the bookcase, cut another 12½-inch strip from the ¾-inch plywood.

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    Make the shelves by cutting 11⅞ inches wide strip.

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    Create your toe kick and side arches.

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    Drill the shelf holes and assemble your bookcase using pocket screws.

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    Attach the plywood with nails.

Tips and Warnings

  • To save on the cost, you can use birch, maple or oak veneer plywood. If you wish to paint your bookcase, birch veneer is the best one to use. Oak plywood provides a stronger frame.

  • Create a decorative top for your bookcase. You can use iron-on veneer. Make sure it is set equally hanging on both sides.

  • Make sure you sand all surfaces with sandpaper. You can add stain to your finished bookcase or paint and varnish it.