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to Cook a Whole Chicken in
How to Cook a Whole Chicken
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Everybody loves to eat chicken, especially kids. If you are looking to prepare a delicious meal for your family don't forget to include chicken in your menu. It is quick and easy to cook chicken dishes. It's also inexpensive that it would surely fit your budget. There are so many ways on how to cook and prepare chicken, all you need to do is to find a cook book or chicken recipes that will serve as your guide in cooking. You can be creative and make your own style of cooking, just ensure that it's healthy and nutritious for your loved ones to enjoy. Please read on the easy steps and tips below and for sure you will find useful ideas on how to cook a juicy and mouth watering chicken!

How To / Instruction

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    The first thing that you should do is to look for good cook books or recipe book where you could get ideas on what chicken recipe to prepare. It would be best that you have determined the way on how to cook the chicken before hand so that you can make the necessary preparations.

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    Find best of class chickens in the grocery store. It is important that you know the types of chickens available in the supermarket. Remember that young chickens are tender and cook faster compared to older chickens that requires a longer time to cook.

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    Once you already have the chicken to use, you must ensure that it is properly cleaned. The feathers and guts must be removed. Wash the chicken under running water.

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    If you decide to cook fried chicken, it is so easy and simple. All you need is cooking oil, seasoning and breading mix, this is to make the chicken crispier. Marinate the chicken with your favorite seasoning prior to cooking. Dip it in the breading mix. You should prepare a pan and put cooking oil on it then once the oil boils it's time to put the dipped chicken and allow to cook until golden brown. See? It's so easy, you now have a juicy fried chicken to serve your loved ones.

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    Grilled chicken is another quick and easy step to cook a chicken. Just marinate the chicken prior to cooking. Prepare the grill and put the chicken and allow it to cook. This way you will enjoy a lip smacking and smoky chicken. The good thing about grilling a chicken is that it will save you from a lot of mess in the kitchen because you can grill the chicken outdoors.

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    There are so many ways on how to prepare a delicious chicken dish. The choice is your to make. You can even make your style of cooking and be creative with the flavors and seasoning that you add to your dish.

Tips and Warnings

  • As they used to say that the best way to man's heart is through his stomach, this saying always works wonders. If your a wife and a mother it's best that you know different menus and recipes to prepare for your husband and kids. This is one way of showing them that you love and care for them. Even if you are a working mom, you can still cook your dinner by preparing quick and easy chicken dishes. For sure your family will appreciate your effort and will love more for it.

  • The good thing about chicken is that it is inexpensive. It's so easy and quick to prepare as well. It's always available in grocery stores and supermarkets.