How to Prepare Hamburger Patties


Shape thin patties.
How to Prepare Hamburger

Cookouts, camps and other summer event are best enjoyed with the most popular delights such as hamburgers. Hamburgers have also been a favorite in gatherings of families and friends. To make a delicious hamburger, the patties should be prepared well. There are different steps on how to make a perfect hamburger patties. You can add much to your burger patties by learning the best ways on how to prepare them. Here's one.

How To / Instruction

Difficulty: Normal
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    Take ground beaf out of the wrapper. If frozen, it should be thawed in hot water for about 30 mins.

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    After it's thawed, put it in a large mixing bowl. Season meat with salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, and onion powder. Mix it well until it's evenly spread.

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    Form the meat into patties with your desired size. Get small amount of meat for regular size patties and big amount for large size patties.

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    After done forming the patties, prepare the oven. Put the oven on 400. Get ready to cook.

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    Put formed patties on baking sheet/grill. Make sure that there's space in between every patties in the baking sheet.

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    Put baking sheet inside the oven. Cook patties for about 25-30 min or as desired.

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    When done cooking the patties make sure to turn the oven off. This is to prevent any accidents that might possible happen.

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    Get the patties out of the over and put some cheese to make it more flavorful.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be sure to select the right meat. Old meat will make your patties taste awful.

  • As much as possible avoid using finely ground meat for it will likely fall apart.

  • Make sure to slice/chop garlic and onion smoothly and finely to make it more stable and would not easily fall apart.