Create A Custom Venue Search

The client is an upscale catering firm that has partnered with high-end cultural institutions. Their challenge was to implement a custom search on their site so that people could search for venues for particular events.

Create A Custom Venue Search

The parameters for this custom venue search were to search by:

  • Event Type
  • Location
  • Neighborhood
  • Venue Type
  • Style
  • And Amenities

Create A Custom Venue Search in WordPress With Toolset

Since the site was built on WordPress, we needed to find a compatible and easy-to-use solution that the client could easily update as they partnered up with more venues.

We began by creating a custom post type where the venues would live.

Then, we utilized Toolset which would allow us to choose the parameters for the search and to style the search function and results’ display to match the website’s aesthetics.

We also customized the search so that exclusive partners would always show up first in the results.

Custom Venue Search

One of the best features of the custom venue search created for this website is the immediate AJAX updates which enhance the custom search as site visitors sort. The site also gained 10,294 new page views to the venue searcher and 4,429 to the individual venue pages from this page. We expect this to increase exponentially now that Covid is becoming less of a factor when it comes to catered events.