SEM Google Ads Local B2B

This client in the food and beverage industry suffered a large loss of revenue due to Covid-19. They went from doing 10 million per year to 3 million per year. The client reached out in order to increase their B2B leads to diversify their business offerings and prevent such steep losses in the future.

Diversify And Increase Income Sources

In order to diversify income sources and increase profits, it was decided that the focus would be on the B2B side of the business instead of the B2C side of the business.

Although search volume was lower for this side of the industry while competition was higher, our goal was to earn traffic not only by the main ad but with extensions.

The campaign would be run via Google Ads since eyeballs with search intent have higher conversion rates.

Campaign Results

The campaign yielded leads equaling $1.3 million for a $7,000 investment.