SEO Content Creation For Aeronautics B2B

This aeronautics company was looking to improve its search engine rankings in order to increase discovery from its international customer base.

Improve Search Engine Ranking And Come Up For Industry Keywords

The client was looking to rank on page one for industry keywords for people looking for services and parts offered.

Targeted Content Writing

After doing keyword research, we saw there was an opportunity for Wiki-style pages for the various aircrafts serviced.  These pages were meticulously structured so that users with intent would be targeted. For example, our goal was not to have a child searching for the history of a military helicopter but to get in front of those who were either searching for parts or repair of said aircraft.

SEO Content Creation For Aeronautics B2B

After the work was put in place, the website had these positive results over the previous year:

  • 375.81% increase in pageviews
  • 273.88% increase in unique pageviews
  • 32.89% decrease in bounce rate
  • 137.21% increase in contact page traffic

The company now ranks on page one for keywords such as:

  • Lockheed C-130 Part 145 MRO
  • MRO services
  • MRO aircraft repair capability
  • Aviation MRO Capability certifications
  • SA 330 puma services parts
  • Lynx helicopter maintenance
  • Lynx helicopter parts
  • Gyro instrument services