Wines of France Facebook

Wines of France was looking to grow awareness of its regions and to make French wines seem more approachable, and everyday drinking options.


  • Increase awareness by growing a geo-targeted follower base on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Increase the conversations created about Wines of France.
  • Make Wines of France into an industry influencer.


In order to reach a larger audience, Facebook and Twitter were selected as the social networks to utilize to achieve the above goals. The strategy was made up of fun shareable posts to engage a young (but legal) audience, educational posts to raise awareness, and consistent engagement to build relationships with the community.

Goals achieved

  • Reached a target audience of Millennial women (63% female) in the USA (93%).
  • The Wines of France Facebook Page gained an average of 380 new organic likes per month.
  • Top performing Facebook posts received up to 1,000 shares and a reach of 100,000.
  • The Twitter account for Wines of France gained an average of 795 new geo-targeted followers per month.
  • Klout score increased from 53-60.
  • Click thru increased by 12.5% month over month.