Why You Should Add A Return Grace Period To Your E-Commerce Website
SEO tip add return grace period for e-commerce sites

Google is always working to make search better for purchasers. Their latest addition to sales results for e-commerce websites is including the maximum number of days you have to return a product. 

Add how late people can send returns on your E-commerce website

why it is important to include the return grace period

When potential buyers see the return period while searching for a particular product, they gain more confidence and trust which improves click thru rates. 

where should I add the return grace period

Make sure it is included in:

  • Google Merchant Center
  • Your Website
  • AND That It Is Made Available To Google Via Structured Data

let us add the return grace period for your e-commerce site

If you don’t currently have your return grace period on your website, Google Merchant Center, and if it is not marked up via structured data, contact us. Our team specialises in E-commerce and we look forward to helping.

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