what to do to get products to rank higher on search engines

How To Get Your Products To Rank On Google (Without Much Effort And Risk)

Do you want your products to rank on Google? Of course you do. What e-commerce website owner doesn’t? Besides optimizing for usability for your customers, you also want your product pages to perform well in search engines. The following tips were put together by our e-commerce SEO team. They go beyond the basics in product page optimization to give your products the chance to rank, be seen by the right eyeballs, and most importantly; get clicks that lead to sales.

How To Improve Your Products' Ranking On Google

A Quick Recap Of The Basics

Before we get to the fun stuff, the stuff that is going to help you rank the items in your online shop higher on search engines, let’s make sure you are doing the basics. You have to have a solid foundation and this is it:


Keep it simple and impactful. When people are shopping, they want to get what they want and they don’t want to wait. Make their shopping easy for them. Include the following:

  • Brand or Manufacturer Name
  • Product Name
  • SKU – if your customers know the product by ski
Create unique content for your e-commerce site


The last thing you want to do is copy the exact description given to you by the manufacturer. We see this a lot in shops that sell other people’s goods. Make your descriptions unique but clear to understand. 

The above is a good example. Most shops selling this particular beverage simply copied the product description from the manufacturer. This results in almost 87,000 results. If you were to do the same, why would Google choose your site over others?  This is why you must stand out from the herd and give your users unique content that helps them to decide to make that purchase. 

Meta Descriptions

Even if you are working on scaling up your website and do things en mass, templating your meta descriptions is not optimal. If you have the resources, make your meta descriptions unique to give your product a better chance to rank.

Image Alt Text

Keep this simple but unique to give your images a chance to rank on Google as well. Make sure it includes the brand or producer as well as the name or type of product. 

How To Get Your Products To Rank on Search Engines

Hope you are ready, because this is where we get to the nitty gritty. 

Structured Data

rich results help get more clicks to e-commerce websites

We always – ALWAYS – make sure that our e-commerce clients are set up with structured data. Structured data makes it when you come up on search, your search result is enhanced. This type of result is called “rich results”. There are all types or rich results including product, price, offer, and like the example above; review schema. You can learn more about schema here.

Work On Your Website Speed

When people want things, they want them now.  If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, people will most likely click back and look for another result. Product pages tend to be slower than other types of pages because they tend to be image heavy. If you feel your site is slow, you can learn about what makes a website slow here.

Set Up Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is an absolute MUST if you have an e-commerce business. Google Merchant Center basically lets you upload your products to Google. From here, you can leave things be so that your products show up on the free Google listings, or you can buy ads that help your products come up in prime real estate. You really can’t go wrong by taking the time to set this up.


These enhancements will not only help you rank higher, but they are incredible selling tools.


Do you offer free delivery on purchases over a certain cost? Maybe you offer overnight delivery? Make sure that these items are clearly placed near the product information to make the buyer’s decision easier.

Return Policy

It sure makes it easier to buy something when you feel confident that you can return something. Include your return policy in a visible place so that you can build trust with your virtual clientele.

Customer Service Options

Make it easy for your clients to get to customer service. If you offer 24 hour customer service, make sure you state this. If you want to go above and beyond, add a chatbot as customer support and a sales aid. This adds a feeling of trust and confidence. Learn more about the effectiveness of chatbots here.  


Offer various views of your product. If possible, don’t use the photos that your producer uses. The key is unique content for ranking and clicks. 


HUGE…HUGE signal to Google that people can actually get what they want on your site. 

People Also Bought

Give your clients options. Maybe they aren’t totally in love with the product they are looking at. Or maybe you can score yourself a multiple item sale with this great feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

By adding product FAQs you answer your clients’ questions, and you let Google know you have the answers people are looking for. This gives you a great chance to SERP.


Regardless of what platform you are using, be it WordPress, Shopify, or SquareSpace, make sure you have a way people can add reviews to your page. After a purchase, ask your clients to leave a review. Reviews are one of the strongest signals to potential buyers, so it makes sense to have them on your product page, particularly if you have put review schema in place. 


Our e-commerce SEO team can help your site to rank better. Book a free consultation with us so we can go over your site and tell you what we can do to optimize your shop AND help your products rank. 


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