How To Get The Most
Out Of Great Press

Your PR firm has been working hard to get you great press coverage. The pieces start coming in and you’re super excited. Your CEO puts out a Tweet thinking it should be enough. Let’s speak frankly. It is not.  Merely putting out a tweet from your CEO’s account is not going to cut it. Getting on the New York Times or Huff Post is great, but you are not getting the most out of those juicy headlines if you don’t give them a push. If you don’t put in a little effort, you’re going to waste all that effort your PR firm put into getting you into that publication to begin with. You need to stop what you are doing and learn how to Maximize Press Coverage. Today, we’ll discuss how you can use Social Media, your website, and all the tools in your arsenal to amplify what other reputable sources have already said about your business.


If the article contains helpful information, you may want to suggest that the article is syndicated. This way, third-party sites are able to share the content and get it in front of new eyes. It is important that the syndication is not done willy-nilly. The places you syndicate to need to be relevant and respected so that you reach the right audience and send the right signals to search engines.


If you send out a newsletter (and you absolutely should be sending one out), make sure to include this in the newsletter. Your newsletters should be going out on a weekly basis. Add a small paragraph at the top and link out to the article. This will add to your trustworthiness and help build your brand.

Nurture Emails

If you send out nurture email campaigns, it is a good idea to work this piece into those emails to remind your leads of how reputable you are in the industry.

Content Marketing

Check the article to see if you can repurpose it in content marketing. For example, if the article that includes a review of your brand or service mentions a common problem in your industry, you could write an article on that issue and link out to the original review or press feature.

Website Press Page

You should create an area in your website’s home page that includes your press. Whenever you get featured, add the publication to this list and link out to the direct article. Just make sure that when you do share those links in your Press Area, that they are SEO’d properly so you give yourself a chance of coming up on the search results for the keywords that are included.

Social Media Shares

You can begin by sharing the article on all your social networks. Add it to your list of evergreen content to share on a monthly basis. Then coordinate with primaries at your business so they can help you amplify with retweets, likes, and comments.

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