Web Development
And Design

First impressions matter. But that only gets your foot in the door.

This is particularly true when it comes to your business website and why it is important for Web Development And Design to come together to help you reach your business goals. 

You need a web design team that understands how to build a website that is built for search engines, your audience, and built to grow as your business grows. 

Here, you will learn more about our work, but to really get to know what we can do for you and your business, contact us so we can set up a discovery call and answer all your questions. 

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Over 15 Years In Web Development

If you are looking for an experienced web development company to create a new website for your business or you need to scale your existing website, we will design a website that is built for search engines, built for your target audience and most importantly, built with conversion in mind. 

At the end of the development cycle, we will create ‘how to’ videos s that you and your team can easily create and update content on the Content Management System (CMS) of your choice.  Here is a list of some of the CMS platforms we work with:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Bubble.io


Binary Bits is an experienced web development company with over 15 years of experience.

With extensive years of experience working with WordPress, Binary Bits can achieve your goal for your website. From planning to implementation, we’re here to help.

Yes, Binary Bits is made up of an experienced team that can develop and design your website SquareSpace website.

If you’re planning to sell via WooCommerce through your website, our team can set up everything according to your needs.

Binary Bits can build your e-commerce website. We are a web development firm experienced in shaping up your future online store via Shopify.

Yes, whether you need your site to be designed from zero, or if you are stuck on a certain area in Bubble.io, Binary Bits is here to help you build your website using Bubble.io.

Binary Bits has been developing websites since 2004.

For most projects, we usually ask for a primary contact who can get back to us with answers to questions in 48 working hours. If we are re-designing a site, access to the current back end of your current website. We also ask for access to Google Analytics and Google Console (if available). We will also need server/DNS hosting platform, registrar, and database access. Depending on your project, we may need access to other items. Finally, we will need content for your website including but not limited to text, images, and videos.

The time frame varies according to the complexity of the project. Certain projects take between 1-2 months, while others can take 6+ months. When we discuss your website, we will be able to let you know how long its development will take

The majority of our clients are able to make changes on their own after the website is launched. This depends on the intricacies of your project and your technical expertise, but for example, if we were to develop a WordPress website, we will create video tutorials so that you and your internal team can add and edit content. For more complex changes, we suggest working with our team or another web development team.

When you work with Binary Bits, you are assigned a project manager who will be your main point of contract. Your project manager will communicate with the team working on your project. You can get to know our team here

We create both custom websites and websites built on templates.

This depends completely on you. You can decide to write all the content, or you can hire our content marketing team to create content for your website.

Yes, Binary Bits always creates fully-responsive websites.

It is ideal if you can supply us with original high resolution images. If you do not have original images, we suggest hiring a photographer to shoot the images you need. In cases when this is not possible we can source images from stock image websites, but these may have a cost attached to them.

Yes, unless you don’t want to have a blog on your website, but we usually recommend that all websites have blog. A blog is an incredible SEO tool.

Binary Bits builds websites with security in mind. To start, your website will be set up with https. If you choose to have Binary Bits host your site, it will be backed up on a regular basis so that if there is ever an emergency, your site can be brought back to its latest version. We can also implement Cloudflare and other security features to keep your site safe. We also recommend regular plugin and CMS updates to reduce the chances of security breaches as well as ongoing security audits to check for potential issues. Just like a home, a website needs regular maintenance and upkeep.

Yes, you can see our work here

Yes, Binary Bits is a full stack development firm. We can host your site, perform plugin updates, SEO your site, run ads, and much more. Let us know what you need and we will let you know how we can help.

Yes, we offer not only hosting and monthly plugin updates, but other types of ongoing maintenance depending on your needs.

Yes, Binary Bits offers hosting services. You can choose to be on a shared server or a dedicated server. We also offer Cloudflare services. 

If you are signed up for hosting with Binary Bits, we perform server side back ups on a weekly or daily basis according to your needs.

Yes, for clients who want to be able to make changes on their own, we usually recommend that they choose a CMS that is easy to work with such as WordPress or SquareSpace. If you plan on making more technical changes to your site, we recommend working with us or another web development team.

No. We develop websites on development servers. This way, if you have a current website, it can stay live and doing business while your new one is developed.

We will build a website so it is designed to rank well. This being said, SEO is an art and a science. It takes more than just building a site in order to get it to rank well. If you are interested in giving your site a competitive chance to come up on search results, let’s discuss an SEO package.

Binary Bits charges by milestone. Normally, 25% plus the cost of plugins and other necessary materials at the start of the campaign. The other 3 payments are split up evenly throughout the work period with the final payment due at launch.

The cost of building a website varies. Outside of the labor costs, you need to consider the costs for the domain name, hosting, plugins and extensions. Depending on the intricacy of the project a website can start at $1,000, but on average they fall around $5,000. Contact us to tell us about your project so that we can give you a much better estimate.