Multiple Website Consolidation

WordPress & Toolsearch

Website Merge Plan

  • Create a B2C portal where parents could access information about regional school districts, programs, services, and news.
  • Create a B2B area where districts could learn more about the services provided by the client and schedule consultations with representatives.
  • Create a school district and school finder for parents.
  • Update the website from one WordPress structure to another.

WordPress & Toolsearch

The most complicated part of this project was creating a proper SEO structure for the consolidation of two B2C sites that would fall under the brand while having a B2B portal.

In order to ascertain that no SEO issues would be created, both sites were crawled and documented in detail.

A development server was put in place in order to execute and test the consolidation prior to going live.

The district and school searcher features were created with Toolset.

301 redirects were put into place for the links on the secondary website that was being brought into the fold of the main website.

After extensive testing, the site was released and our team spent time ascertaining that Google and other search engines crawled the new site.

Consolidated Website

When comparing a one-year period after the release of the consolidated websites to the same period the previous year, there were significant improvements to the website’s performance.

  • 33% increase in site users
  • 33% new users
  • 31% new sessions
  • 16% more pageviews
  • 3% increase in average page duration

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