Google has become the number one place people search for products and services.

90% of clicks to a website on a Google search is made up of the top 3 results.

This means that your chances of getting any clicks to your website improve the closer you get to that number one spot.

How We Work on SEO

SEO company that optimizes for site speed

Our team will look at the various elements that can make it harder for your site to rank properly on Google, including site speed.

BinaryBits will build a robust online presence with a combination of keyword research, organic on-page optimization, landing page optimization, quality content, domain expertise, Social Media, and continuous review of your status to keep you on top.

Our SEO experts are on top of the latest changes and algorithm searches to ensure that your position on search gets better each day.

With every project no matter how big or small, we begin by conducting an in-depth SEO analysis.

Once this analysis is complete, we work to prioritize the structural items first so that we can make sure your site is on a good foundation.

Then, we can address those that will have the most impactful effect on your site rankings and conversions.

Finally, we give our clients a report outlining the work done, the results it had on the site, and a comparison of how the site is performing compared to how it was performing before the start of the contract. This comes along with a video walkthrough of the report, a content plan, and recommendations for moving ahead.

Most of our clients end up working us long-term and we can set them up with long-term packages to fit their needs.

SEO Tools We Use

We use a combination of tools when working on SEO audits, reports, and growth. These tools include but are not limited to:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Console
  • Google Lighthouse
  • ScreamingFrog
  • Serpstat

What Content Management Systems Does BinaryBits Work With?

Our team works primarily on WordPress and Squarespace, but we also work on other CMS systems.

When Will I See Results from My SEO Campaign?

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-day thing. Algorithms are constantly changing, and certain changes can take longer to show results. We work on 6-month contracts and most of our clients begin to see SEO improvements within the first month of starting an SEO Campaign with BinaryBits.