Social Media

Creating a strong social media presence takes a lot of time, measurement, and knowledge. The ability to create content specific for your audience, and the knowledge of where and how to connect make all the difference.

Binary Bits’ Social Media Media Team is here to take social media off your plate so you can claim back your time and put it back to where it is needed, to focus on growing your business.

Binary Bits offers Social Media Services

Over 15 Years Experience in
Social Media Marketing

Binary Bits is a full-service social media marketing agency that helps consumer brands, entertainment, and personalities, B-to-B organizations, and local businesses grow through social media.

Whether you need a complete social media marketing strategy or just have specific projects, we can help. 

How We Work

Company that will stablish your brand's presence on social media

Social Set Up & Optimization

Our team will conduct research to analyze your brand in your competitive landscape to determine what social networks and strategies will benefit your business best.

Company that will help me with my social media planning

Social Media Planning

Through analysis, we determine And Outline The social media strategies, audiences, and channels that will best serve your business needs.

Company that will manage and grow your social media organically

Social Media Management

We create a social media campaign and communications plan so that you know exactly what to expect. Your dedicated Social Media Team will create content, ads, and engage your audience, as well as monitor social mentions of your brand and track performance on the goals set for your campaign.

Social Media Company That Gives Monthly Reports

Social Media Reporting

Each month, you will receive reports outlining your progress, and every six months you will receive a deep dive on your social media strategy along with recommendations for changes and updates For the next six month period.